Global E-Commerce platform for international retailers and Indian consumers. After all, India is a free-market democracy,so let 1.2 billion consumers decide where to shop
"What online does best is compete on price...That doesn't create new value. It's a race to the bottom." (By Ron Jhonson, Harvard Business Review South Asia,December 2011 Issue)

  • Setting Up your Import and export business.
  • Suggesting most economical way to import and export goods through Post, Courier, Baggage, Air cargo & Sea cargo.
  • Documentation and follow up action for import and export clearance at Ports.
  • Optimize your Supply chain as 4PL Company through our 3PL partners.
  • Refund of duty/ credit/interest at Customs, Service Tax and Central Excise.
  • Appellate Service related to Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax.
  • Licenses and IEC from DGFT.

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